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  1. these are so gorgeous! im a friend of caron’s and she pointed me in your direction. love your work.

  2. ha, that caron! – – thanks, daphne! thanks for looking i appreciate it!! đŸ˜€ glad you like them.

  3. These are so great! I’d love to post about them on my blog, could you tell me a little more about yourself? Is there somewhere someone could buy a print? You can check out my blog at and email me at

  4. Hi Kate,
    First, I just wanted to thank you for linking to my site, but most importantly want to congratulate you on your beautiful and interesting little paintings. I saw your piece “Power Lines” on the mint design blog this morning and loved the mood. I also especially connect with “Where we’ll be.” I’ve been making paintings from a model lake for the past year and have been working with similar imagery, but from the vantage point of a passing boater, rather than from in the woods.
    Do you sell your work? Do you have representation?
    Best of luck to you.
    All the Best,

  5. hi amy,
    thanks so much for the comments. i wrote a blog post about your paintings after looking at them – i’m really drawn to your perspective and color. – i was interested in your influences, if you’ve had any in particular. i was reminded of diebenkorn a bit. (for color and vantage points). i find your process is also super interesting – building your own scenes to paint. i love how tedious that must be. i don’t have representation at this point. I am working on building up enough work for the set to be substantial. i do sell my paintings. i’ve made a few prints and those will be selling on soon. my friend, christy went to the academy as well, but missed you by a few years. she said she had seen your paintings and was also an admirer. great to hear from you! is your studio in brooklyn? would love to talk to you more.

  6. just checked out these beautiful paintings of yours, really stunning kate, they make me miss seeing your studio space. thinking of you in the far north xo

  7. …WOW;
    whether or not you give a toot anymore- these* are really beautiful, Kate.

    ‘Great to see all of this stuff.


    Roof Tops

    Power Lines


    (…of course, I would like those’ns, no? -?? they’re less …?)


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