wonders of science.

I received two books last week that came bundled with white, cotton string from my brilliant photographer friend, billy phelps. The modest cover couldn't have prepared me for what lay inside—page after page of beautifully illustrated scientific drawings. The drawings explain the mechanics of nature, science and life in such fantastic detail and with skillful… Continue reading wonders of science.

january crackers.

I headed down to the bungalow in early january to meet up with my pal, amber and her mom, barbara.  We set aside this particular weekend to start refurbishing a mini portion of barb's nutcracker collection.  This past winter she restored darling Wendell into a vision of sheer beauty. Amber and I arrived on a Friday… Continue reading january crackers.

moons over my hammy.

tonite we caught the lunar eclipse. mel and i have been staying up until 3 every nite trying to polish off the last of our edits before Christmas...so staying up tonite for the lunar eclipse was no biggie.  We ran up to the rooftop to catch a glimpse with the point and shoot and some… Continue reading moons over my hammy.