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  1. Love your blog! I teach art (grades k-8) and your postings are a smile! My 16-year-old son has a collection of antique cameras and movie projectors which have just found a new purpose in life! Guess what my students will be drawing next September! I love the old transistor radio! Being somewhat “vintage” myself (born 1955) it’s nice to see young’uns like yourself and my son who have an appreciation for some of this. Your outlook on waiting in lines and being without your laptop is smiley too!

  2. i am thinking of a polaroid tattoo…whaddya think. i have the 80’s one with the rainbow stripe…wanna draw it for me?

  3. Kate:)
    Besides you, my fondest treasure is the cranking music box you gave me….I play it to remind me of you sunshine! Miss you immensely!

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