uncle jimmy.

On Sunday afternoon we trekked over to Uncle Jimmy's house which is a whopping two streets over from the bungalow.  We wanted to see this huge stash of natural reed and rush that he bought from a woman who was desperately trying to clear out her house. He bought a whole truckload full and has… Continue reading uncle jimmy.

mouse in the house.

This past weekend I went to Philly to visit my friend, Amber. She had to work on Friday, so I dallied away on her computer while she was out. I was trying to catch up on an edit but attempting to use the track pad mouse she had hooked up to her computer was a… Continue reading mouse in the house.

Nelson Hares.

This is Nelson Hares.  I have known Nelson for about ten years now.  He is my best friend, Amber's father.  Nelson is happiest when he is fishing or hunting and when you wake up in the morning he has usually already left the bungalow to head out to the lake or the woods. Nelson loves… Continue reading Nelson Hares.


made a jaunt down to the bungalow this past weekend.  I hadn't been since january so I was happy as a clam. amber made the most delicious lavender cream cupcakes known to mankind— I think I ate at least 6 before the weekend ended. jim came over saturday afternoon. we had a delicious lunch and… Continue reading junebug.


This morning I woke to a balmy 75 degrees and a light breeze.  I had the option of changing into thin, cotton pants or remaining in my sweats. I stayed in the sweats. I walked down the street with my pal, Jes, ice cubes slowly dissolving as they clanked around in our plastic bottles. We… Continue reading planter.