uncle jimmy.

On Sunday afternoon we trekked over to Uncle Jimmy’s house which is a whopping two streets over from the bungalow.  We wanted to see this huge stash of natural reed and rush that he bought from a woman who was desperately trying to clear out her house. He bought a whole truckload full and has it hanging from the ceiling of his workshop in colorful bundles. He has two old chairs that he is going to re-cane which seems like a super tedious process.

Uncle Jimmy has an etsy site called, Rusling’s Way. (Jimmy’s middle name is Rusling, which I think is one of the best names I’ve ever heard).  I particularly like the wooden frames he has been making with different inlays.  He showed us his lathe and a couple of spindles he was working on for a friend.

Snoot followed us around when he wasn’t chasing a frozen soccer ball out in the yard.

After that, we headed inside to warm up for a minute.  Jimmy brought out his collection of arrowheads which took up two full jars. He showed us the first arrowhead he ever found at age twelve.  He told us they were made by the Lenape.

I thought they were really beautiful.  Must have taken some real skill to make them.  And then, that was that— the outing for the day that gave us an excuse to leave the bungalow to see what was cooking over in Uncle Jimmy’s part of the world…

3 thoughts on “uncle jimmy.”

  1. Great job love the pictures of my little buddy (snoot) and my arrow heads.Enjoyed your visit.Still haven’t found my trade pipe,will have to do it again when my garden is popping up.Love ya!

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