made a jaunt down to the bungalow this past weekend.  I hadn’t been since january so I was happy as a clam. amber made the most delicious lavender cream cupcakes known to mankind— I think I ate at least 6 before the weekend ended. jim came over saturday afternoon. we had a delicious lunch and some corona-lemonades and then we took a paddle down the creek which dumped into union lake and left us racing against the thunder. as long as we could control our hysterical laughter, the oars continued to slowly paddle our way to the other side.  i love dawdling in the garden in my bare feet.  i love waking up and going out to the greenhouse in my pajamas to poke around and shovel some dirt into a pot.  there is no better way to spend the summer than at the bungalow.

6 thoughts on “junebug.”

  1. kate your pictures are dreamy.
    so glad you could visit with us.
    get on that bus deary and come and play in the greenhouse any old time..we love having you!!
    miss you already

  2. Those idyllic, story book shots bring me back to the simple pleasures of my grandma Fonda’s camp in the Adirondacks…same wooden tables & sweet tablecloths, garden tools & flower pots…Reminds me of the 50s! I can almost hear the night time song of the whipoorwills ! Take me home country roads!! :o)) xoxo Beautiful Kate!

  3. really…hmmm…you capture what is know to few but what can be passed on in captured imagine, only slightly. the sense of welcome @ that home is what i recall most. and the joy. the kindness. the sincerity.

    the images are so lovely, pal. the soul-connect is captured as best as it could be!

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