This morning I woke to a balmy 75 degrees and a light breeze.  I had the option of changing into thin, cotton pants or remaining in my sweats. I stayed in the sweats. I walked down the street with my pal, Jes, ice cubes slowly dissolving as they clanked around in our plastic bottles. We were going to yoga. I had never tried yoga before and was always a tad of a skeptic when it came to considering it “exercise”. I wasn’t sure I would have the patience for it (always seemed to me that people who practiced yoga had to stay still for long periods of time). We walked to Anna’s house. She has been dying to teach yoga more regularly and asked if we would be interested….bingo!  We arrived 15 minutes late, but Anna was at the door with a wide smile nonetheless!  When we stepped inside I noticed Anna’s plants. She has a window box and is growing a plant that climbs up and around the string she has carefully attached to the top of the window.  I admired her succulents. We got to work soon after….I wasn’t really prepared for what a work out it would be.  It was fantastic!  I have never felt so relaxed after such a strenuous workout.  Towards the end, Anna read us a passage out of a book as we lay on our mats facing the cieling, eyes closed.  It was so peaceful. The book she read from described deer in the snow (i think).  It seemed that one of the deer was going to run back to lay in someone’s arms and the other ran off into the forest of blue trees.  I loved it.  We will go back again next thursday for round two.  I will wear the lighter cotton pants, and when she asks us to reach our arms up! up, I will make note of how tall her climber plant has stretched to the sky.  I came home this evening and decided to take a few cuttings from my succulents and begin growing new plants in the small jars in the sandy soil.  I am most happy when I am tending to my plants.

4 thoughts on “planter.”

  1. Very beautiful Kate! I am glad you loved the yoga! Yes, So peaceful!!! What sweet little climbers you have! xoxoxo
    PS. LOVE the old typewriter’s dangling zapatillos!!! TOO cute!

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