first of november.

Yesterday, Mel and I spent the afternoon up at The Cloisters shooting a couple’s engagement portrait session.  After we finished, we popped into  The New Leaf restaurant for a hot drink.  The waiter fixed us up with hot apple jammy’s which tasted just like apple pie;  they were delicious!  Was a beautiful, fall day along the Hudson River and it may have been the last weekend the trees were in full color. I’ve been reading The Wind in the Willows which makes me wanna go tromping around in the woods in hopes of discovering Mr. Badger and Mole on a walk in The Wild Wood.

The Badger’s winter stores, which indeed were visible everywhere, took up half the room—piles of apples, turnips, and potatoes, baskets full of nuts, and jars of honey; but the two little white beds on the remainder of the floor looked soft and inviting, and the linen on them, though coarse, was clean and smelt beautifully of lavender; and the Mole and the Water Rat, shaking off their garments in some thirty seconds, tumbled in between the sheets in great joy and contentment. The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame

The New Leaf Restaurant & Bar, Fort Tryon Park, New York.

2 thoughts on “first of november.”

  1. Hi Kate, just thought i’d drop you a line and say Hi. congrats on the newark lounge thing. its very nice to be showing paintings together. great blog!!


    1. hi jonny! thanks!!! yeah, it’s great to be showing work together. your paintings are fantastic. – kate.

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