Last month I went on a trip to Wales and Ireland.  my pal, Amber, her sis, Callie, Callie’s husband, Martin and their two dogs, koby (named after, Kobayashi the hot dog eating champion) and jackson all piled in our minivan and set off on our adventure.  Here are some pics of our adventures and some people we met along the way.

amber getting jostled around in the cab on the way to callie & martin’s

waiting for our train, heading in the direction of clapham junction

psyching myself outta jetlag with koby.

amber needed a mirror but couldn’t find one.

amber made birthday cupcakes for callie. i admired the plants at callie & martin’s flat.

setting out for wales. keeping track of towns and treasures…

arriving to the town of Dolwyddelan in Conwy County..Martin taking cover from the rain.

getting warm at the cottage.

walking down the street, the church advertised an event for the “biggest coffee morning in the world” would’ve liked to have seen just how big it was.

i made my own instead. this milk was delicious. so creamy good. i’d like to imagine it came from the teet of a cow that very morning…

strolling through fairy glen

these black sheep had some wool…

lots of clover, and berries…


koby rolled around in the sand like a pig after being stuck in the car for hours..

found this gem of a trailer, tea bar passing through the countryside so had to stop!

rachel jacobson prepared some fried eggs and toast for our lunch.

sunnyside up!

and helped this elderly woman count change for tea.

amber colored while she waited..

next we came across glasfryn pottery in the town of cerrigydrudion.  john and kate run the place.  john is a potter, kate an artist and gardener.  they were kindred spirits and i loved them.

john and kate. kate’s beautiful geraniums.

ferry to southeastern ireland. many barf bags later (none for me, happily!) glad to see land.

pembroke, southern wales

barfundle bay, pembroke beach.

breakfast at the guiting guest house in glouchestershire…then home.


8 thoughts on “wales.”

  1. LOVE reading about your trip… Sounds (and looks!) amazing. Can you send me the pick in the street at Dolwyddelan with the white home in the foreground. I want it!!

  2. Holy rollers, I love your pictures so much. I’m struck by so many things. The way you captured your trip is intoxicating and original…the way you mixed food and landscape with people and places made everything magical. I could feel YOUR trip, what made it interesting and unique, instead of seeing images that I could have googled. This is really inspiring and I’m glad you got a chance to cross the pond.

    BTW – what camera do you have?

    This post was worth the wait…

  3. WOW KATE!!!!! GORGEOUS!!!!!! i am not much a of a traveler, but these pics make me want to go there! awesome job & soo glad you had such a memorable time!! love you!!!

  4. Katie…The pictures are really very beautiful! It is so nice to go “inside” to see the hometown coastal views…to see the colorful storefronts and the cozy nooks and crannies in the cottages!! It does make me want to visit there too!
    Bravo on your heartwarming montage!!

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