The humidity in New York this summer has been disgusting.  Without an AC, I rely on my Holmes Power 20 Fan, cold showers, nightfall and friends’ couches (in the AC!!!) when it becomes unbearable.  As my pal, Duane so aptly put it, “New York is as hot as an armpit.”  It is.  Left work at 6:30 today.  Went to Photobar on 28th street and had two passport photos made. I made a weird face but the guy said it was perfect because there was no glare on my glasses and my mouth was closed.  I gave him the go ahead based on his expertise.  I’ll be taking a roadtrip through London, Wales and Ireland with my pal, Amber, her sister, Callie, Callie’s husband, Martin and their two yapping dogs at the end of September.  Amber’s sis works for an airline so invited us over using her free vouchers! (which in my book is like winning the lotto!)  I’m looking forward to this trip.  We’ll be driving the backroads and staying in some countryside cottages and then pitching tents for a few nights as well.  So…dusting off ye olde passport and sending it in for a newbie.  Hate to say it, but i’m ready for the Fall.  bring in the cooler temps! bring in the new sights! bring me a new start!

5 thoughts on “passport.”

  1. I love your writings. Your photo is passport perfect. I’m excited for your travels and wishing cooler weather to come your way. I love you sweet lady. Miss you all the time. xo

  2. i love that picture! matt and i always kept an extra copy of all our passport and visa photos and put them in a little flip book. i wish i was going on that trip. those are the lands of my ancestors! fun!

  3. You’re so gosh darn talented, Kate. We need to hang out soon. And we can also talk about Christy’s bday. I wish I had friends with friends with free airline tickets. Happy for you that you can tour Europe!! I will live through your pictures and stories. 🙂

  4. Yay for Kate! Wow, FREE airline vouchers for buddies? What airline does SHE work for?! I like the sound of it! Our buddy passes were pretty pricey. Anyways, so glad you get to make such a fabulous trip. I miss our airline adventures. Scotland was one of my very favies. That’s on the top or our “return to” list. LOVE it. Never been to Ireland or Wales, though…that will have to go on our “visit for the first time” list. 🙂 Love you Kate!

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