uncle jimmy.

On Sunday afternoon we trekked over to Uncle Jimmy’s house which is a whopping two streets over from the bungalow.  We wanted to see this huge stash of natural reed and rush that he bought from a woman who was desperately trying to clear out her house. He bought a whole truckload full and has it hanging from the ceiling of his workshop in colorful bundles. He has two old chairs that he is going to re-cane which seems like a super tedious process.

Uncle Jimmy has an etsy site called, Rusling’s Way. (Jimmy’s middle name is Rusling, which I think is one of the best names I’ve ever heard).  I particularly like the wooden frames he has been making with different inlays.  He showed us his lathe and a couple of spindles he was working on for a friend.

Snoot followed us around when he wasn’t chasing a frozen soccer ball out in the yard.

After that, we headed inside to warm up for a minute.  Jimmy brought out his collection of arrowheads which took up two full jars. He showed us the first arrowhead he ever found at age twelve.  He told us they were made by the Lenape.

I thought they were really beautiful.  Must have taken some real skill to make them.  And then, that was that— the outing for the day that gave us an excuse to leave the bungalow to see what was cooking over in Uncle Jimmy’s part of the world…


mouse in the house.

mouse in the house.

This past weekend I went to Philly to visit my friend, Amber. She had to work on Friday, so I dallied away on her computer while she was out. I was trying to catch up on an edit but attempting to use the track pad mouse she had hooked up to her computer was a toughie, so I sent her a text message asking her if she had a ‘normal’ mouse in the house. Her response was “No! I don’t think so! Why? do you hear something?” I had to chuckle over our miscommunication. The only mouse in her house is this little guy who keeps watch over the mugs and dishes.

Nelson Hares.

This is Nelson Hares.  I have known Nelson for about ten years now.  He is my best friend, Amber’s father.  Nelson is happiest when he is fishing or hunting and when you wake up in the morning he has usually already left the bungalow to head out to the lake or the woods.



Nelson loves calling people ‘dingbats’ and his favorite saying is “whatcha gonna do? ..hot pockets!”


Collecting some moss for his wife, Barb who makes beautiful terrariums.

green moss!


This day was especially beautiful.  It was the day after Thanksgiving and the air was crisp but warm enough to go out with a light jacket on.  We saw a pheasant and Nelson tried to drive it towards me so I could get a picture but it didn’t work out — I wasn’t quick enough.


On occasion Amber and I head into the woods with Nelson to bait for deer. He usually takes apples and a sack of corn. We take turns throwing the apples against the trees so that they split open and the deer are able to catch the sweet scent.

nice golden corn kernels for the deer…


When Nelson isn’t in in the woods he is usually either fishing or getting his rods and lures ready for fishing. He is in Bass tournaments every Saturday until the weather gets too cold.


Nelson is taking a bit of the weight off of his lures with a knife. He told me they’re supposed to float on the surface if they are weighted properly.


Here he is in super concentration mode testing out the flotation on his lures..


This one is floating perfectly after a lot of careful scraping.


fish outta water..


This is Molly. She loves hanging around Nelson while he works.


Getting all of his fishing gear ready for Saturday’s tournament.


some antlers hanging in the shed. Nelson makes the best venison steaks and venison jerky!


Stirring his venison stew for Friday’s family soup night, the day after Thanksgiving.  I had two bowls full.  Whenever I visit, Nelson has some beer ready for me.  We both get excited over having a beer together.  He also makes his own specialty which is a grapefruit schnapps cocktail.  Sometimes he puts gingerale in it, too.

Nelson is a great cook. When he gets home in the morning from hunting or fishing he is always hungry. If nobody has started breakfast, he makes pancakes for everybody from scratch in the cast iron pan.  Nelson loves to put Karo syrup on his pancakes.

playing with his granddaughter, Iris for a few minutes while she is getting changed.

Nelson and Barb met each other when they were kids and have been married for 30 years.  Here they are playing with their first grandchild, sweet little Iris.

Nelson and Barb’s eldest daughter, Callie and her husband, Martin just had their first baby.  They’ve named him Nelson, which makes just about everybody happy.

lost noggins.

happy halloween! keep your head on if you can.


made a jaunt down to the bungalow this past weekend.  I hadn’t been since january so I was happy as a clam. amber made the most delicious lavender cream cupcakes known to mankind— I think I ate at least 6 before the weekend ended. jim came over saturday afternoon. we had a delicious lunch and some corona-lemonades and then we took a paddle down the creek which dumped into union lake and left us racing against the thunder. as long as we could control our hysterical laughter, the oars continued to slowly paddle our way to the other side.  i love dawdling in the garden in my bare feet.  i love waking up and going out to the greenhouse in my pajamas to poke around and shovel some dirt into a pot.  there is no better way to spend the summer than at the bungalow.


This morning I woke to a balmy 75 degrees and a light breeze.  I had the option of changing into thin, cotton pants or remaining in my sweats. I stayed in the sweats. I walked down the street with my pal, Jes, ice cubes slowly dissolving as they clanked around in our plastic bottles. We were going to yoga. I had never tried yoga before and was always a tad of a skeptic when it came to considering it “exercise”. I wasn’t sure I would have the patience for it (always seemed to me that people who practiced yoga had to stay still for long periods of time). We walked to Anna’s house. She has been dying to teach yoga more regularly and asked if we would be interested….bingo!  We arrived 15 minutes late, but Anna was at the door with a wide smile nonetheless!  When we stepped inside I noticed Anna’s plants. She has a window box and is growing a plant that climbs up and around the string she has carefully attached to the top of the window.  I admired her succulents. We got to work soon after….I wasn’t really prepared for what a work out it would be.  It was fantastic!  I have never felt so relaxed after such a strenuous workout.  Towards the end, Anna read us a passage out of a book as we lay on our mats facing the cieling, eyes closed.  It was so peaceful. The book she read from described deer in the snow (i think).  It seemed that one of the deer was going to run back to lay in someone’s arms and the other ran off into the forest of blue trees.  I loved it.  We will go back again next thursday for round two.  I will wear the lighter cotton pants, and when she asks us to reach our arms up! up, I will make note of how tall her climber plant has stretched to the sky.  I came home this evening and decided to take a few cuttings from my succulents and begin growing new plants in the small jars in the sandy soil.  I am most happy when I am tending to my plants.

anchors aweigh.

i have been working on a set of little ship drawings.  this one is ready to set sail…